Catfight at 30,000 feet!!

Okay, it’s been a slow week for new topics, so this may as well be thrown into the fray.

jetBlue flight 561 was diverted shortly into the flight after two females aboard the KEWR-TJSJ flight got into some sort of fistfight (Insert hot-blooded Puerto Rican hoochie-mama jokes here). This happened just after midnight Sunday morning.

The limited details are here: … index.html

Interestingly, the aircraft diverted to JFK; however, the flight history shows it landing at TJSJ after a 19 min. flight. Then, a second “JBU561” “supposedly” departed KEWR again at 2:48a.m. Gotta love that twisted FAA information!!

Anyway, I’m sure the vast majority of people in this forum have flown enough to experience mild forms of air rage, with all the jerks that we’ve seen pitching fits over almost anything and nothing at the same time.
Have you ever witnessed all-out fisticuffs or some other physical confrontation while flying?? At the airport??

I was on an md-80 going from KSTL to KSFO. A lady was using her cell phone while we were taxying. The man across the aisle was yelling at her to hang up saying that she was going to get us all killed. The flight attendent came over and made her hang up and every thing went back to normal. Nothing big. Rest of the flight was quiet. Occassionally there will be a drunk in the terminal but doesnt start anything.