Two more flights diverted today (Friday) … index.html,2933,210471,00.html

Flight to CLT diverted to OKC: … /KPHX/KCLT

Flight to ORD diverted to Bangher: … /EGCC/KBGR

Lots of iPods being dropped in toilets. :wink:

It looks like this flight was originally scheduled to go Manchester-Bangor-Chicago but was diverted to Goose Bay, contrary to what the news article says.

Bang who?

No, that wasn’t a typo…

She musta been somethin’ special to warrant a diversion!

Wife not home???

Just another day in the psychotic skies…Too many of our medicated friends seem to be forgetting their Prozac. Most of you know how I feel about these schmucks… They should be barred from flying for life. Period. Causing panic and inconvenience to passengers, and costing thousands of dollars to the airlines is nothing to laugh about or look at as a “minor” disruption. I’ll let the dynamite guy slide on this one, since he’s a miner whose only crime is not cleaning his hands/laundry/luggage well enough to remove traces of TNT. :open_mouth:

Was it a trace amount, or a full stick of dy-no-mite???

I wish our media people would get their story straight before reporting it!
I’m on 7 flights next weekend and am beginning to get concerned… :frowning:

Sorry; I had just listened to our local news, who reported it to be “traces” of dynamite. CNN says that it was half a stick of dynamite. I retract my forgiveness of this fool:

Socks? Check.
Underwear? Check.
Toothbrush? Check.
Deodorant? I’m not an American. What is this?
Passport? Check.
Dynamite removed from luggage? Aw, screw it, I gotta get going ASAP!!

Nothing for YOU to be sorry 'bout! The story I linked to was apparently published right about the time you posted the message. I’d also heard on my local news (6:00 PM eastern) that it was a trace amount…

Do you think that the airlines are taking this to far??? I mean the TNT understandable. But when people listen in on other people talking and they don’t clearly hear what there saying and people say that they were acting weird. Thats a little much. Thats all it is a nosie people on a flight.

There’s a broad gray area somewhere between acting weird and acting suspicious - and it has to be a judgement call on someone’s part. I guess you have to be there, and see and hear WHAT exactly is going on at the time - and I don’t mean three or four rows from the action - I mean RIGHT THERE! If some crazy woman forgot to take her meds, babbles incoherently, and makes references to al Qaida, then I’m thinkin’ it’s probably some crazy woman forgot to take her meds…
But also consider that:

  1. we’re very near the 5-year anniversary of “9/11”
  2. the Brits just foiled a massive plot to bomb a bunch of overseas flights
  3. there’s a lot of anti-American sentiment out there

Taking in ALL of the facts in consideration (looking at that broad gray area), somebody has to draw a fine line and determine whether or not to continue the flight or divert. I’m sure the decision is not made lightly.

All you have to do is let your guard down for one minute before you have a disaster. I’d rather have a bunch of nosey people help keep me alive, than have somebody dismiss someone’s bizarre behavior which could escalate to cause injury or death to just one or everyone aboard.

"There’s an old saying in Tennessee…There’s a saying in Texas, maybe it’s in Tennessee: “Better to be safe than dead!”

It’s easy for you to NOT be on a crazy flight, stand on the sideline and say, why are all these planes diverting?" I’m sure you get a different feeling inside a metal tube flying 500 M.P.H. through the air at 37,000 feet and someone starts acting weird/suspicious. Or, maybe YOU don’t - but SOMEBODY up there does, and it’s their call to make.

That lady lives in Vermont thats were I live. I understand what your saying but still ALL these diverted flights in the past 3-4 days is something that doesn’t happen to often. I don’t know maybe its the right thing?