DAILY Departure

Is flight aware planning on posting in the airport info section the FAA diagram for the DAILY departure procedure for BWI flights that take off to head for the south?

Can you provide a reference for a DAILY SID from KBWI?

I only see the DAILY intersection being used as an entry point to J61.

The only reference i have is that i see the word DAILY on flights that go to the south from BWI on the flight plans these are due south flights like to ORF or CLT for example.Funny thing is the FAA digital database does not have that procedure and yet i hear it on BWI ATC all the time. I wonder if they just newly made that departure pattern.

As Mark indicated, DAILY is an airspace fix or reporting point that is located about 37nm south (195 degrees) of KBWI.

You can get a visual for the fix at this link.

As there is no BWI SID to the south/southeast, typically a clearance for southerly departures (depending on runway in use) is “Fly X heading, Radar Vectors to DAILY intersection, then as filed…” As Mark indicated it makes for a simple vector to an entry point on J61.

Thats a good link thank you. Reason im asking is because i am going to FLL for the upcoming weekend and the DAILY intersection is part of the flight plan.