Creating piaware image

Hi! I have been having trouble getting my mouse and keyboard to work after startx.
I suspect my image on my sd card has been corrupted. I loaded a stand-alone Raspian image and everything worked properly.
I have tried repeatedly to download 1.20 and image it to a fresh 32gb sd card but I cannot get it to be recognised by the rpi. I have tried many times, using 2 different pcs, taking the Win32diskimage software from another source but all to no effect. I have been following the instructions to the letter.
Is anyone else experiencing this difficulty?

I’ve sometimes found that I need to use Windows Disk Manager to delete all of the partitions on the SD card, create a whole disk FAT partition on the card, format it, and then retry using Win32diskimage to write the fresh image.

I’ve done that several times and it has had no effect. Any other ideas?

Just to finish this one off now that I have found out how to handle it, I have discovered that in Linux when a partition is created on an SD card that partion cannot be read by a Microsoft pc. It follows that if you try to over-write an SD card that has had a corrupted Linux partition (for instance, a corrupted piaware download) when using a Microsoft pc the over-write may fail because there is insufficient room on the SD card.
I have also discovered that the best way to format an SD card, thanks to ComputerActive magazine is to use the SD Card Association Formating Tool found here This will completely format the card, better than the in-built Windows tool and also clear the Linux partition which the Windows tool won’t do.
Hope this helps anyone having the same problems I have had.

You should be able to do the same thing with diskpart in Windows, however it’s not for the faint of heart as it can just wipe your hard drive if you’re not paying attention.