Clone SD Card?


After many hours of sometimes painful trial and error (and a lot of input from this group), I was finally able to get my PiAware box working, including feeding FA, RB24, and FR24. Now that it’s working, I’d like to clone it so if I have a failure of some kind, I have a backup I can just plug in and go. Is there a way to do that? I know of apps to do that for PC hard drives, but none for SD cards. I assume it’s possible.

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win32 diskimager, mostly used to write images to a card, can also make an image file of a sdcard


Thanks., I installed it. From posts about it, it seems it will copy all partitions on the SD Card? It looks like Raspian creates multiple partitions on the SD Card. Hoping win32 diskmanager will copy and re-write all of them. Testing it now.

I also read that Raspian 3 has built-in SD card copy functionality. I will test that out as well.

Thanks again biekerc!



I use rip-clone. It’s on github. It copies both partitions using rsync.


I’ll check it out. Thanks!


Darn autocorrect … rpi-clone.


Well I encountered similar situation, but not because of autocorrect. It happened because the keys for letter o and i are adjuscent to each other, and I was typing on my phone with small keys. I wanted to press o key, but i key got pressed, and instead of screenshot, I posted screenshit


rip-clone sounds good to me but the best is screenshit :slight_smile:

This is also interesting for me so please update if is really working.



Ran win32 diskimager last night and it worked flawlessly, even for a noob! This is the tool I’ll be using moving forward.

Thank you !!


I used win32 diskimager and it worked flawlessly.


Win32diskmanager will work fine too. The two tools work differently though. Rsync only copies new/changed items. Win32diskmanager does an image copy. Partitions can be different sizes for rsync. They will be forced to the same sizes in diskmanager even if the target card is larger. If the target card is smaller, even by one block, it will fail.