CPF is now CAP

Attn Flightaware, effective Oct 20th the old CPF call sign (Civil Air Patrol) was changed to CAP. Instead of being called “Cap Flight” they are now just “cap” and they changed their identifer to CAP. However your tracking software still shows CAP as Capitol Airlines.

Thanks for improving the accuracy of Flight Aware.

Have a source for this? You’re still at “Cap-Flight” and CPF according to the 7340.2A, although it was last updated on 8/27/09.


faa.gov/documentLibrary/medi … 40.222.pdf

Brutal. Thanks!


Curious how long it takes to update your database. As of this morning they are still Capitol Airlines…

I don’t know. I don’t work for FA. I was just asking for a source for the 7340.2 update! :slight_smile:


haha okay for some reason I thought you were one of the admins. Anybody from FA out there? Bueller? Anyone??

You posted this late Friday afternoon. It is now early Monday morning. You do realize there were two days in the middle that most call THE WEEKEND right?

They will update it. Don’t worry.

Wow I had no idea that things couldn’t be fixed on a Saturday or Sunday! Thanks for clearing that up for me. Are you always so helfpful and full of keen insight? :unamused:

No, just common sense. Yes, it COULD be fixed on Saturday or Sunday. But if I put in a request on a FRIDAY and it wasn’t fixed early MONDAY morning, I would put two and two together and figure that it would probably be taken care of in the first couple of days of the work week.

Putting two and two together clearly isn’t this guy’s strong suit. He somehow mistook tyketto as a FlightAware admin (when it says “FlightAware Member” under his username).

He apparently has some kind of attitude problem when it comes to FlightAware admins:
discussions.flightaware.com/view … 9178#79178

Let’s see I work on Saturday and Sunday myself, these things can be accomplished on weekends ya know. But I really wasn’t comlaining!

I have been here more than 3 years and have less than 20 posts. Unlike you fruit cakes I have a job and life outside of the FA message board. You may want to look into that…

And I DO NOT have a problem with FA admins, I do have a problem with utterly worthless posts from people who are not posting useful information. Seriously STFU if you aren’t contributing anything of value.

I hope that clears it up for the mouth breathers out there. :bulb:

So because you’re trapped in a job requiring you to work on weekends, you somehow feel that the rest of the world be made available to you to service your needs on a 24/7/365 basis :unamused:

Most of us fruitcakes also have jobs and interests outside of FlightAware. We simply choose to congregate to discuss and share ideas relating to our love of aviation. I sometimes like to go out and shoot my Bushmaster .223! :smiling_imp:

This thread and the link I previously linked to does indicate a somewhat unreasonable demand that the admins should be at your beck and call on a moment’s notice.

Instead of complaining about what’s NOT being done for you, why don’t you take some time and have a look around the forums at the wealth of valuable information contributed here.

If that’s not your thing, why don’t you try to do something about getting laid so you won’t be so uptight about everything! :wink:

Ahh yes, there’s the insightful, well spoken commentary that we value so much on FA…

You have to remember, everyone in the CAP is a Colonel !

I updated our database and the site reflects the change.

Usually I’ll update these as soon as I see the thread, but I took a long weekend to go to the sandbox for the Formula 1 race (yay Vettel!).

Thanks mduell! May I suggest a simple e-mail address so people can contact you directly? Each time I have tried to provide feedback I get a bunch of message board clowns chiming in with a bunch of inane trash talking, and as you can see this is not at all helpful.

Thanks again, and please delete this thread.

Many people provide feedback in the forums without a bunch of inane trash talking from us clowns! Perhaps there’s something in the way YOU provide your feedback. Not a sermon - just a thought. :wink:

Contact customer support and they’ll take care of you.

Missed opportunities for me to wear my message board clown costume…