CP Air 170 in for Paint.


Was just told today by an employee of the company that has the contract to paint California Pacific’s 170’s that the first one is in for paint.I will try to post pics in the next few days as the logo’s go on the aircraft.The 170 is currently all white.


The subject line is misleading. I thought it was going to be about an aircraft being painted in the colors of the great CP Air. Instead, it’s about California Pacific Airlines.

California Pacific Airlines needs to proofread its web page. In one place it says it seats will have “a maximum 31 inches of legroom.” Think it should read “minimum”.

I would love to see this airline make it.


I would too! Another option out of SMF to SoCal is a good thing, especially with using the E170s!



Here are a couple of pics.


This has me wondering, as I just returned from a planespotting/ATC weekend around SoCal…

MMSL-KCRQ… I assume that Mexico doesn’t have the same rules for customs clearance as USA-Canada does (we clear customs in Canada, and the flight is treated as domestic in the US)…

Customs is at the airport, but it’s interesting that this isn’t a customs rights landing airport (not sure what the difference is). But I do wonder if being at CRQ will be enough to draw people down from southern Orange County and up from San Diego for service. It’s roughly an hour if not more to KSAN, and they would have to deal with the 405 to get to SNA or LGB.

KCRQ has SKW for its only commercial service, but if frequency works out right, this could work for them. I’d certainly fly them, if only to get back on another E170.

EDIT: looks like the founder of the airline is on the same page, and even more so, he and their employees come from PSA:

This has a good shot at working.