Frontier Now Operating E-170s

Starting this past Saturday, Frontier began revenue flights with its new Embraer E-175s. I believe it will show up on FA as Republic, since Republic is the actual operator for these birds. I wouldn’t be surprised to see F9 put these on one of their 2 daily flights in/out of KCAK. They started with the A319, then downgraded to A318s.

BTW: In case you’re wondering, the first pic I saw of one had a sheep on the tail.

Yeah I heard this awhile ago. I wish Frontier would start service out of BTV with a daily A319 flight but unless they have hub out in the northeast I know there won’t be service because they wouldn’t have a flight from BTV- DEN. Oh and you right about the whole E-170’s being Republic.

I couldn’t find any pictures of it, can you post it on here.

Because I’m sure someone will ask…

Ident     Type           Origin   Destination
 RPA4444 | E170         | KDEN   | KIND
 RPA4612 | E170         | KDEN   | KIND
 RPA4614 | E170         | KDEN   | KELP
 RPA4615 | E170         | KIND   | KDEN
 RPA4617 | E170         | KELP   | KDEN
 RPA4838 | E170         | KABQ   | KDEN
 RPA4839 | E170         | KDEN   | KABQ
 RPA4850 | E170         | KDEN   | KABQ
 RPA4851 | E170         | KABQ   | KDEN
 RPA4930 | E170         | KDEN   | KOMA
 RPA4933 | E170         | KOMA   | KDEN
 RPA4934 | E170         | KDEN   | KOMA
 RPA4937 | E170         | KOMA   | KDEN
 RPA4938 | E170         | KDEN   | KOMA
 RPA4939 | E170         | KOMA   | KDEN

These must be replacements for the Horizon CRJ700’s. It was my understanding that Frontier has ordered Dash-8-400’s to create their own regional operation out of Denver. Horizon over performed and earned all of their performance bonuses which lead to the change.