Allegiant with denver?


So we all know that Allegiant dropped Ft.Collins service in October, Could they move a daily flight to Denver?

Maby with 757 service?

Any one tell me any new destinations they will be serving? Thanks!!! :slight_smile:


I don’t think they would go to Denver but stranger things have happened (witness SWA and LGA/EWR).


Allegiant does daily DEN - BLI -DEN.


Whats the flight number?


Did anyone tell Allegiant that they fly the DEN/BLI route?

They do not fly to Denver from any city.


Darn :unamused:


Correction. DEN -BLI is Frontier not Allegiant. :blush:
Nice to know someone is actually reading my posts. :open_mouth:


How do you mix up Allegiant and Frontier? :astonished: