Couple of Boeing Beauties

Ran up to KPAE Sunday afternoon to watch LCF1 land (EIA5747). Always a great site to see. It was also nice to see LCF1 and LCF2 side by side:

On Monday, August 27, I booked down to KSEA with my son, 7, to see Air Force One land.

Security was unreal, as expected, but they had no problem with a handful of us planespotters getting photos at the end of 34C as long as we stayed where we were during the duration.

Nice shots…

Looks like a 787 between the LCF’s in pic 2…what’s up with the cavernous opening?

Edit: Nevermind…just realized that it’s the canopy for the airstair platform… :unamused:

Its an Emirates 777. The cavernous opening is the awning of the stairway, not the aircraft itself.

You can see it a little better in this shot. They shuffled LCF1 over to the other side of it to position LCF1 for unloading:

Okay, I see now that it’s a Triple by the cockpit window config. Yeah, and I realized at the second look that it was the airstair canopy/awning that I was looking at…