Boeing 787 Webcast Tomorrow (link)

Here is the link to the Boeing Webcast for the possible first flight of the 787 tomorrow morning. ?

Anybody know what time?

Probably a flight number like BOE1 or BOE787.

Would it not go up as ZA001?

IIRC, that’s the registration number for the aircraft…


No, that’s the production line number. It’s not South African registered.

10AM local, N787BA, Boeing Chief Pilot Mike Carriker, and engineering pilot Randy Neville will take-off on runway 32L at Paine Field.

Will be a 3-5 hour flight, and most likely end at Boeing Field. photos

Thanks rob!

They might wait a little while:

Just to be safe Will, that will be Noon for me and you (and anyone else in the Central time zone)

:laughing: I know…

Should see a Boeing Flight Number show up for 10am if they go. Weather is ICKY.

Im not going to see it live, Im down at the Simulator Center (Test Labs) running some 777 FMC Tests for a software improvement.
scheduled for 5 hours 44 minutes PAE to BFI.

Who’s going to upload a photo to FlightAware of the plane on takeoff roll so we can vote it up during the flight so it appears on the actual flight tracking page? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I wont be there. Im stuck down south.

I hope they remember to fuel the plane today. The 787 test pilot, Mike Carriker also piloted this flight:

The feed just came up!

Seattle Times web feed: