Could Be the One?

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I’m sorry but I don’t understand.

Could what be the one? :unamused:


Number 5,000


No idea what you’re on about. BOE721 is the short-field ops test aircraft which will be delivered to GOL Transportes Aereos in Brazil as PR-GTA in a few months time.

If you’re referring to the 5000th 737, it was delivered a while ago. See line number 1868 on my Boeing web page at for details.


:blush: Okay…I goofed!
Thanks for the info! :wink:


I would also like to suggest that you actually include some useful information in your subject line and in the text of your post.

The idea of the subject line is that someone who may be interested in your topic be able to recognize it as interesting by what the subject line says. At the same time, someone who is not interested can bypass it based on the aforementioned subject line.

Please, at least, make sure that someone can read the text of your post and have some slight idea of what the heck you are talking about.

And lastly, its a good idea to make sure that YOU know what you are talking about. :slight_smile:

Thank you.


BTaylor: Bravo! There’s nothing worse than a subject line that contains no useful information. That is, unless it’s a posting that does nothing to expand upon the useless subject line.


While pre-flighting for a trip to Eastern WA on 2/11/06, I snapped 2 pics of the 5,000th Boeing being towed up the taxiway at RNT. Not sure how to post them though…


BTaylor…a little harsh on HAMMERKPDX don’t cha think dude…I mean even if the guy is slightly cludo, we shouldn’t sink the fangs in him…he’ll hesitate to post next time out of fear of not passing muster…it was a post, not a check ride…



No, or at least I didn’t mean to be. Even re-reading I don’t think so. Except for the last line that was a joke (note smiley).

Sorry if I seemed to be. I know the quessing game annoyed me and likely some others, so I was honestly trying to suggest better use of the subject line to help in the future. How else is he/she to know? No offense was intended.

Unfortunately, I may be on the losing team of the netiquette game…


Unfortunately, I may be on the losing team of the netiquette game…

Unfortunately, netiquette, like common courtesy in the non-virtual (i.e. real) world, is dead.


Dude, no worries…I too tend to get get frustrated when the cluebird never makes a full stop (if you know what I mean)…however, with such a great product (FlightAware), I’d hate to see some early members get scared off…ya know what I mean?



I just love it when the whole family kisses and makes up…gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside!!! :smiley: That is until we all get peeved over something else. (and I’m guilty as charged myself sometimes!)