Cost Doubles For Marine One Fleet to $400 million * 28

The Pentagon confirmed this month that the cost of the fleet of 28 new super-sophisticated helicopters has jumped from $6.1 billion when the contract was signed in 2005 to $11.2 billion today. Outfitted with cutting-edge communications equipment, antimissile defenses and hardened hulls, each of the VH-71 helicopters, to be dubbed Marine One whenever the president is onboard, will cost $400 million – more than the most recent Boeing 747 jetliner outfitted to serve as Air Force One when it was delivered in 1990, even when adjusted for inflation.

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Way to go, USA. :unamused:

And our non USA partners building the Presidential helicopters. I can’t wait to see the overruns on the tankers.

Bingo!! I should have submitted a bid for the tankers saying I could have made them for $10,000 each. Than I could just cite production costs as being 600,000 times higher than estimated due to a weak US Dollar.

Live and learn.

Sounds like a typical defense contract to me.

Under a Jan 29, 2005 headline of

Lockheed Team Ousts Sikorsky
for $6.1B Marine One Contract

here are some quotes from the selection announcement by,
Navy Assistant Secretary for Research and Development John Young,

“We picked based on the best value for the mission,” Young explained in a Pentagon briefing. The Lockheed aircraft, he stated, “provides essential improvement in the range, speed, communications capability and survivability necessary to efficiently and securely transport the president.”

“There are no political influences on this. No one at the White House contacted me.”

U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton (D), for example, called the Navy’s selection of the Lockheed team “a great day for Owego, the Southern Tier and all of New York [that] will provide the president of the United States with a state-of-the-art-helicopter [and] an Oval Office in the sky.”

and finally this

The Navy’s decision drew praise from Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW). “Today, taxpayers avoided what could have been another helicopter sinkhole had Sikorsky won the contract,” asserted Tom Schatz, president of the CAGW, a nonpartisan advocacy group focused on eliminating government waste, fraud, abuse and mismanagement.
The “who’s-more-American?” contest, he said, clouded the bigger issue.
“Sikorsky draped its contract bid with American flags, insinuating that Lockheed presented a less ‘American’ choice,” Schatz averred. Picking the Lockheed team, he dded, “showed common sense by choosing a contractor that is expected to stay on budget and on schedule. With a record $427-billion budget deficit predicted for fiscal 2005, taxpayers deserve to have costs stay on the ground.” … 050214.htm

and where is Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW), not a word!!! … wsreleases

Right… Because the US defense industry has such a great history of bringing in contracts on budget. Good luck finding something that isn’t over budget or late.

Headline on

TO SPEND, OR NOT TO SPEND: President’s decision on new fleet of Marine One helicopters; Each costing more than last Air Force One… Developing…

WHY are twenty-eight helicopters needed?

That’s what I’m wondering…

Obviously they fly VIPs other than just the prez, but how many brand new VIP helicopters are really needed?

Somewhere in the fine print someone either saw something about a volume discount or Buy One Get One Free!!!

I think its great that the Govt could pay twice what a 747-400 cost(todays dollar) for a 14 seat Rotorcraft!!! I sure hope its nice.I cant wait till they fix the US automakers…

3 for every guy at the G8. Duh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember the outrage about Citi buying a $50Million French/American made jet. They had accepted tax payer money as part of their bailout. Today President Obama signed a piece of paper to accept $800Billion in debt to be paid by future tax payers yet he is continuing to order these Italian/British Helos. :imp:

Hmm. It sounds a bit like the tanker contract…

That $50 million Jet was ordered years before they asked for help from the government, But I’m sure you guys already knew that!

This thread is about the Marine One replacement aircraft Mel, try to keep up.

I was only commenting because someone else mentioned it a few posts up!

I was looking at an old FLYING today that had a story on the Sikorsky helo that was being used in the competition. The list price was $17mil and the contract was for 11 units. So how did they suddenly get to 28 units and $400million each? I’d be shocked if the mods exceeded half the cost of the helo but 20 times??? Spare me! The Pentagon has a program to procure this stuff ‘off the shelf’ (see the G-V, 757 and 737 back up AF1’s). What is the average flight time for Marine One… 15min?

I’ve actually seen Marine 1 in Charlottesville when then Pres Clinton decided to take a short flight out of DC.