Federal Government unloaded 20 OV-10 Broncos - $2,400?!?

Federal Government unloaded 20 OV-10 Broncos for as little as $2,400?!?!

This nifty twin turbine is one of my FAVORITES ever!!!
I’ve always lusted for a ride on one let alone OWN one!
Last I heard, they were intentionally being kept from private hands…I can’t imagine why?

Either way - The article is about stupid mosquitoes.
But it tells us that we all missed the freakin’ boat on ownership of a lifetime! :open_mouth: :cry:

I’m trying to Google Search for more info (i.e. - Where they all went), but I’m coming up empty.

What can YOU find out???


Hunt said the county acquired the plane in 2010 for $2,400 from the federal government, which at the time was unloading 20 of the Vietnam War-era planes.

Read more here: islandpacket.com/2013/07/29/ … rylink=cpy

Where did the other 19 go?

Wow, my instrument flight examiner flew these over Viet Nam, his wall in his office was covered with plenty of Naval Silver Stars for service during the war. I know that the CDF in California has about a dozen Broncos that they use for Air Attack Command/Control to fight wildfires with, though they lost one years ago when it and a T-2 (turbine powered Tracker crashed when approaching Ramona Airport which was uncontrolled at the time.

NASA operates a few Broncos and there’s a “civilian” company based at Patrick AFB that has quite a few N-numbered Broncos that spend a lot of their time down in Colombia. Drug interdiction I assume. :wink:

Wish I had known about the sale

Combat Dragon II Demonstrates OV-10G+ Bronco Capabilities
(One of them was flying over Camp Pendleton area in Southern California)
defensemedianetwork.com/stor … abilities/

Cheap to buy? Yup. Cheap to fly/maintain? Nope.

I have no interest in being an aircraft owner or operator. I would’ve re-sold it for much more then $2.4k

You do it the smart way, fly one you don’t own
and get paid. :laughing: The government should be required to put “our” assets up for bid to get the highest price. Don’t know the engine times or make etc. but you have to think they alone are each are worth a lot of $.

Other than have an awful lot of fun, how would you get any utility out of a Bronco anyway? Looks like one way is to turn it into a giant can of Raid!