corporate jets blocked


it seems that the majority of business jet operators are now blocking tracking on their airplanes. is this in response to the auto mfgr.'s debacle in washington? this directly effects me because i work on jets and use this website to track them.


I would say many but definitely not the majority are blocked.


That’s right. At a large airport near me, there are several King Airs, a few Lears, three Premiers, a Challenger, a Falcon 50, an Eclipse, several Cessna twins, numerous Citations, a Falcon 20, and a Falcon 10. The Falcon 20, the Falcon 10 (same owner), two King Airs (different owners), one Citation, and a Challenger are the only blocked aircraft. There are probably at least ten King Airs based there that fly regularly, only two are blocked. The Challenger is owned by a wealthy individual, as are the two Falcons, by a family-owned corporation. One King Air is charter and I am not sure about the other one. The Citation, I believe, is owned by a foundation. Perhaps the donors got to wondering.