Hello ,
i’m not able to change coordinates in my ads-b pages ,in the orange bar with the number of site.When click on the gear icon i can change lat and long values and high on sea level,when i visit the page again it shows old values of old position and log is always empty.can you help me?thank in advance
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You have a Planeplotter site. Your coordinates are sent from Planeplotter. Please check the Planeplotter documentation for how to set your coordinates. Also, the log will not show anything for Planeplotter sites. We will tidy this up so it is less confusing on the stats page. Thanks for pointing it out.

I changed the coords directly on the Raspberry Pi using piaware 3.5.
Just SSH to it and edit this file and enter the coords in decimal .

sudo nano /var/cache/piaware/location.env
save the changes ctrl-x Y then
sudo reboot

A useful command to find the location of a file on your raspberry is (move first to your top directory cd /):

sudo find | -name location.env (if want to locate file location.env or use the file name you need to locate)



good evening
I followed your suggestion and changed coordinates in PlanePlotter:now coordinates have changed in statistics page.Thank you very very much!!!