Contrails vs Chemtrials


For more than 35 years now I have known a man who has always struck me as being immensely calm, professional, inteligent, and in no way partanoid. He was once my sisters boyfriend and they met in Florence, Italy where he built, and rebuilt stringed instrumnets while she taught art a the Florence Academy of art. I will call him David and mysister will b e Jran.

David has an internatiuonal reputation for rebuilding originals by men such as Stradavarious. He has also constructed a new Cello for Yo-Yo Ma and other names you would proabaly recognize. He is not mentally ill and never has been.

Jean taught Impressionism and Post Impressionism. She has worked had to raise her children when the father, an Itlian ‘artist’ decided torun away and paint more Itlian nudes that the Academy could supply.

Just that afternoon they were both at my home and we were standing outside gandering at the afternoon skies when David, and soon followed by Jean to fill me on the Chemtrials vs. Contrials. It became to take on epic conspiricy thoery when they told me that Chemtrials manufactured by government aircraft to produce a trial of heavy metals to reflect sunshie back into the ionosphere and thus reduce global warming. My sister just backed up everything he said like a good little girlfriend would. God help me I know whe has halways thought for herself, learned for herself, and dreamed for herself.

I do forensics. Computers, not bodies, thank God. I don’t know what to say and I am flaberghasted,

Any truth to Chemtrials ?

Please say no; please say yes. God help us.


No, but my post must be at least 20 characters.


As once Paracelsus has said:
“The dose makes the poison"
And Queen have a song called
"Too Much Love Will Kill You”. :wink:


Shakespere via Ophelia… “Oh, what a noble mind is here o’erthrown!”

In this case plural.


Thank you. I think I could even see the doubt and fear in her eyes as she mimiced his words.


The principle component of chemtrails is dihydrogen oxide in a gaseous state. It is otherwise known as ‘water vapor’. What you say to them, and how you say it to them depends on what kind of relationship you want with them after you say it. Sincere beliefs, while they may be incorrect, are sincere.


True enough. Since I will never be able to correct their thinking, and since the only people they are hurting are themselves, I am going to leave well enought alone.


Do a google of “ART BELL” and “CHEM TRAILS” That will tell you all you need to know.

Oddly, I live in Jacksonville, FL–at any given time there are 3-4 to a dozen trails in the sky. Art Bell would have gone nutso living here. :slight_smile: