Continental BBJ2 service to china?


Is this an error in flightaware or does Continental offer service on a BBJ2 to china?


Nope. There’s a change of gauge on this flight. The first leg from EWR to IAH is on the 737-800. The second leg to China is probably a 777. When they entered the flight into the FAA computer they neglected to change the aircraft type.


thanks for the info. I was pretty sure the BBJ2 was max a 13-14 hour aircraft.


This has happened before as mentioned a while back in the forum. Believe that time was also with Continental.

I was looking at COA88 again. If you go back to about the middle of October they actually had the two aircraft shown correctly. The 772 was on the second leg of the flight.


Looks like a bug to me; thanks for the report.


Just curious…why would you call a 737-800 in airline service a BBJ2?


I thought maybe Continental had started a service similar to Lufthansa and Swiss who fly BBJs (extra fuel tanks and range). I am no expert but I think a BBJ2 has extra fuel tanks compared to a regular 737-800. I assumed these would be needed if you were to fly direct to Asia. However, after checking the BBJ website I see that a BBJ2 does not make it to Asia non-stop.