UAL 51



Question about UAL51 flight. FlightAware is reporting it is B738 where as all other services report it as 777. Anyone with input on this?


It’s definitely a 777. We’ll look into it.


Even FlightAware’s tracking map shows it as a 772

If you look at the flight log, looks like they changed the route on Feb. 17th but something never got updated.


UAL51 is a “through” :unamused: service FRA-CLE requiring a plane change at EWR.

Both and show the second leg as a 735 though.


The airline is sending us “777” which is ambiguous for the B772, B773, B77L, and B77W. Of course CO only operates the B772, but other operators use 777 for the other aircraft types.


I checked the UAL flight status checker and their timetable - I see no evidence of that.

If it was a “through” flight with change of equipment, there’d be two flights listed each day and a choice of two flights in their status checker.


I just went there right now and it said everything was listed as a “B738/Q”. I think they didnt notice the mistake. But its definetly a 777 because of the range, and passenger accommodation.

But if you go to the Continental Airlines site, it will show the flight is operated by a Boeing 777-200ER. … sults.aspx


Check again, the very first timetable entry FRA-CLE is

Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) to Cleveland, OH (CLE) - March 6, 2012
Depart Arrive Via Duration Flight numbers Aircraft Info
11:05am 6:20pm EWR 13h15m UA51,UA51 777 Info
UA51 Operated By:Continental Airlines
UA51 Operated By:Continental Airlines