Continental Airlines and Copa Airlines--are they linked?!


hey, everyone…after noticing that Continental and Copa Airlines both have EXTREMELY similar paint schemes…would there be any other related links between those two airlines?..if anyone knows anything, please reply

the following two links are one of each airline scheme…compare: … size=large … size=large


I asked this question awhile ago and the answer I got was that Copa was part of Continental or that Continental owns part of Copa I can’t remember what it said. Just search it at the top of the page.


I believe Continental owns 49% of Copa.


It’s about 3/4 the way down the page under “Airlines.” Funny, it is actually titled COPA AIRLINES!!!

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Here it is I saved you the time. … a+airlines


o ok…sorry about that…i didnt really check that out, but thanks a lot anyway


I was thinking the same thing until I remembered a story come across Google Finance (there’s that pesky Google company again). They now only have a 12.3% stake in Copa. … EWS/292893


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in from panama well coontinental airlines was 49% owner of copa airlines until continental airlines was in bankrupt ,they had to sell continentals part to copa holding s.a and now continental is only 10%owner of copa the other 90% is of copa holding s.a