COPA Airlines

I don’t know anything about COPA Airlines, but looking at pictures of it on made me think if there at all apart of Continental Airlines? They look similar to each other like the under body and the tail design look a little alike. :confused:

Copa is based in Panama City and is 49% held by Continental. Continental is very influential in the operations of Copa and all of the new livery…737 and 738 are configured in the same manner as Continental’s. I even think that Onepass is used mutually between the two companies. Two independent airlines using the same frequent flier program. It would not surprise me if Continental took over a majority of ownership in the near future.

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Thanks now the monkey is off my back :smiley:

Apparently continental is also a player in MICRONESIAN AIRLINES! Guess they have diversified!

Continental Micronesia has been around since 1968. It’s no recent thing.

A very brief history of Micronesian.

Pan Am (the real one for you young whipper snappers out there, not the fake one based in New England) operated flights in the Micronesian islands. Then an airline called Air Micronesia was formed. It was owned by the United Micronesia Development Association, Aloha Airlines, and Continental Airlines.

Continental eventually bought controlling interest in the airline.