Continental Micronesia - Missing aircraft

I have wondered why a certain number of Continental’s Boeing 737’s never seem to appear on Flight Aware and now believe that they are in the Micronesia sub-fleet. This assumption is based on the fact that photographs of these planes are usually taken in Japan.
Can anyone tell me which specific aircraft form the Micronesia fleet and how often, if ever, they are rotated with the mainland fleet?


Mark Davies

IIRC, while a subsidiary and until the UAL/COA merger is complete, CMI operates as a completely different entity from mainline COA. They have their own separate operating ticket, so they may not (I wouldn’t think they would) show up under the COA mainline fleet.

Their fleet currently has 3 B737s, 8 B738s, and 1 B764. None of these are rotated with the main fleet.


I’m not sure it’s true that they’re never rotated. The 738s I’ve been on that CMI was operating were owned by Continental Airlines and with the exception of the plastic emergency exit signage, they were identical.

Additionally, CMI operates COA B764s – on flights 1 & 2, the same airplane flies the GUM leg as the IAH leg, but under the name of the different airline.

Well never is a very long time. But it’s true that the 737/8’s aren’t rotated on a regular basis. Recently Some of them have ben upgraded with ADS/CPDLC. I assume that was done off-island, so they would have had to rotate the planes though hawaii on the “island hopper”.

I thought there were at least 2 Air Mike 764’s. The Air Mike 764’s have a much smaller business first cabin then the rest of the fleet. There is also a 764 used between GUM and NRT twice daily. I believe those also have the smaller F class.

The 764 configuration is known as the “76H” at Continental. The H arguably stands for “high density” or “Hawaii.” It has 20 BF seats instead of 35.

Continental Airlines operates the 76H on IAH/HNL and EWR/HNL. As I mentioned, the same plane continues onward from HNL to GUM but with a CMI call sign.

I don’t know if they rotate the B764s much, but it’d be easy to do via HNL.

The “H” in 76H is for High Density

According to the FAA, CMI has 4 B-737-724 and 8 B-737-824
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