Connecting Via a USB Modem


Hello Friends, am a little bit newbie here. I recently activate my site with the Flightaware Flight - Feeder and has already update to 7.9.2.
My internet connection is via a WiFi Modem. I’ve noticed on the New update a USB wifi modem mode under Network settings.

My question is Can I use a USB 3G/4G modem to connect? I really would love to just stick in a 3G modem instead of using the wifi router to connect to the internet.
Details please. Thank you.


Unfortunately 3G/4G modem support is pretty complex and varies a lot from modem to modem and provider to provider; the FlightFeeders don’t support directly connecting this type of thing. The USB wifi support is only for direct wifi connections that don’t require configuring a modem or logging into a WISP etc. Mostly for either older FlightFeeder hardware versions that don’t have built-in wifi, or for cases where 5GHz is needed or the built-in wifi doesn’t have enough range.