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Can we Mod FlightFeeder to connect to internet via Usb Tethering?

I have long time question, that can we enable /mod FlightFeeder in such a way that it accepts internet connection via usb tethering from a android phone. S9 is it possible?

No. Wifi tethering might work. But are you really going to dedicate a phone to the FlightFeeder connection? It requires a reliable 24/7 connection as described in the application process.

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And it creates lots of traffic. If you have a metered connection, you might run into a different problem.

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I have an extra phone (actually many) and a free 1GB plan SIM. I have tried to use it for a Pi installation (that does the same thing like like FlightFeeder). It worked using it in WiFi hotspot mode.
However, because in my location the airplane traffic level is fairly high, I ended up using the data in less than 2 weeks. That was without MLAT active.
The plan didn’t allow for “unlimited 2G data” after the LTE cap got “hit”.

So that is the real limit…

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My device sends between 500 MB and 1 GB… per day…
So a 2 GB plan would not even run for a week.

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I have spare phone which I can put on to this use! I have a daily 1 GB data plan. So no issue on data caps also! So Now tell me how to enable Wifi!

There are instructions for configuring wifi included with the FlightFeeder, or you can mail adsbsupport@flightaware.com if you’re having trouble.

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I have a site that supports two voip phones and a piaware pi connected by 4G.

The voip phones are registered and make two short calls a week and the Pi sees 300 to 400 ADSB planes a day. MLAT is turned off.

The system uses about 700MB of data a month counting upload and down load.

It is a Pi running the Flightaware image and not a Flightfeeder.



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I too have a site that runs exclusively on 4G.

The site is also a Pi, so I’ve turned off MLAT as it triples my data usage while only adding about 1% aircraft reported.

Rather than use an old phone, I bought a Dlink DWR921. This offers RJ45 ethernet ports making it easy to plug in ‘normal’ devices.

The '921 has now been superseded, but it’ll last me until 5G becomes available!


I did that too on my Pi, but the OP has a FlightFeeder and that device has the MLAT “on” all the time.
When you request a FF, you have to declare that you have appropriate (unlimited) Internet access.
Hopefully the OP 1GB/ day data allowance will be sufficient.


Yeah, I think the OP will be able to keep it under 1Gb/day!!

Op only has 22hours on the clock, but it’s looking like 80k positions/day, so similar to my 4G site.
I meter 60/20Mb/day (MLAT on/off), so would expect similar numbers from the OP.


Well I have a update, I got 2 GB/DAY limit! And I’m hitting 900 MB to 950 till now!

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Not with that receiver you’re not.
You must me sharing that feed with something else.

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Yeah I also have RadarBox 24, i.e. together both FlightFeeder and RadarBox 24 consume about this much data! Lots of MLAT traffic here too!

The most traffic is caused by opensky network, in case somebody is feeding this. on my device it had a 2 GB consumption per day.

That’s because their feeder can send every received message to their server - it seems to be selective about this and doesn’t do it for everyone.

The data does add up rather quickly though:

I know, i followed a discussion in their support forum :wink:

Waste of bandwidth. FA groups several messages together when possible and sends full frames.

They have a different approach regarding the data processing. Not comparable to FA or other sites