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Connecting RaspberryPi to new wifi

Moved to different wifi than the one that was initially used. Keeps giving " Network connection down. Attempting reconnect." repeatedly. Fix? Thx

May be your Pi is still configured for old wifi’s ssid & password.
If this is the case, change ssid & password to the new wifi’s ssid & password.

You can edit wifi ssid & password by editing /boot/piaware-config.txt. This file is on the first partition of the sdcard and can be edited directly on a PC if you cannot SSH and running the Pi headless.

See https://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/build/optional#wifi

pi@piaware:~$ sudo nano /boot/piaware-config.txt


Should piaware use a wifi adaptor

for network access? You will need to attach

a supported USB wifi adaptor for this to work.

change this to “yes” to enable wifi

wireless-network yes

Wifi SSID and password.

This should be changed to match your wireless

network SSID and, for networks that require

a passphrase, the passphrase.

If your SSID or password contains characters other than

numbers and letters, such as the # character or whitespace,

you should enclose the value in quotation marks. For example,

“pass word” or “pass#word”.

To include quotation marks (") in a quoted value, use "

To include a backslash () in a quoted value, use \

wireless-ssid xxxxxxxxxxxxx
wireless-password yyyyyyyyyyyy