Communicate with other feeders


I know this is not a social site- but really it kind of is… I’d like to reach out to others in the area with the same… shall we say… inclination to risk breaking their necks by climbing up on a roof to mount an antenna that does something as silly as track airplanes! SO is there any way to communicate with or get messages to other members? If there is, I’ve totally overlooked it and feel pretty silly. If this is a policy thing, then I guess I 'd better refresh on that as well if anyone cares to enlighten me. Thanks

Joe Connolly


How can I contact nearby flightaware?
Contact with neighboring site owner

Perhaps you can try to find on the forum.
For example


Good thought- There’s a PM button in the forums. But for one particular member I tried, no hits by keyword or author, using username or a real name.

Joe Connolly



I believe you have to have posted something in discussions to register your id wit the PM system. If the targeted user has not posted there, s/he may not get a notification. I could be wrong about this (as well as a number of other things).


Another option.

  1. Maybe the left Squawks, Squawks comments, photos, photo comments. It is necessary to find and to comment on these things.

  2. Not very fast, but better than nothing. Create a topic with a question to users , etc. With the request to write in PM. There is non-zero chance that they will read it. Also can also try to contact support and ask to notify about this topic.
    In this way they will have to register id with the PM forum system.

  3. On your own avatar write text with the request to write in PM. Maybe this user checks the status of neighboring stations and sees your avatar.


If the other users are tempted to socialize, they will be here on forum.
If they don’t read the forum, probably they are not into socializing, I wouldn’t bother to reach them.

So I would open a thread with the title related to your area (closest airport, geographic region) and asking people to join in that thread. Like a “chapter” or a “club”…
“Greater St Louis, MO area club” for example. Or the whole state, if works for you (won’t for me). Or some other smarter name you can come up with (I might copy it) :slight_smile:


I would also like better social tools, there are several feeders near me that I would like to prod to upgrade their Flight Feeders!


I will be nice to be able to send other nearby feeders messages to their accounts.
Trying to locate them if they do not have forum registration is very hard near to impossible.


Great idea, might try that myself.



The idea of a regional club makes sense. As an experiment, I created a theme for users from exUSSR


I will raise this topic again.

It seems the new forum design did not bring anything new.
History as communication with the user helped improve Flightaware.
In July, I asked the tech support to inform the user about the recommendation to change the location of the antenna. The user installed an antenna on the north side of the building. In fact, he observed flights almost only to Ukraine. If he installed an antenna on the south side of the building, he would be able to observe much more flights. Over the Black Sea are flying from\to Asia to\from Europe.
This week, the user changed the position of the antenna, installed it in place with a clean horizon line.
In the old place
Per Day
ADS-B 14 000
MLAT 12 000
Flights 250

New place
ADS-B 200 000
MLAT 30 000
Flights 1 800