Short Bio section on ADS-B pages

It would be nice to have a short bio section on the ADS-B pages.
Curious to all the different antenna setups. A place where feeders could show off their “ADS-B shack” if there is one or their antenna setup.
Just a thought.

A sticky post would seem like a better idea. That way other users can ask questions and give tips on posted setups.

There is a similar poll/post

I like the idea. The tricky part will be doing it in a way without any secruity/spam/etc implications.

Agreed. I’d also like to have a section for contact info and the like: it’s always fun to meet up with people in the area, get a drink, and talk about various common interests. Unfortunately, that gets to be difficult if they’re not reading the forums.

Right on! I actually had to look up a person outside of FA that was feeding ADSB to FA just 10 minutes from the house. He happen to have a blog so I contacted him that way. The forum is great but their needs to be bio section on “My ADS-B” page. Maybe an option to be contacted though email or something. Even if it were an open field to post your setup and contact info within a couple of hundred characters.

FA staff please consider this. Nothing to loose. :slight_smile:

You can set up a load of info in User Control Panel (top right this screen) > profile … including website info … this could be used to publish your info (facebook profile, tinypic image with contact details, etc)

re: contacting another member - there is a private message facility in the forum space (top left of this screen) … I just wish it would actually notify me there is a message by email (as configured! … as I write I notice I have a message now)

Right. Assuming the email notification could be enabled, maybe allowing one to add a link from their stats page to the forum profile would work in lieu of adding profile information to the stats page itself. That way there’s a bit more of a connection between the forum’s user profile and the stats page.

I get emails when I get a PM… I think you have to explicitly turn it on, but it works here.

I have just disabled (saved) then re-enabled (saved again) the setting for the email on PM, to ensure the forum back-end database has a setting that matches the screen setting.

Using a tinypic for contact info might be good since it’s harder for a robot to harvest the email address, etc from it…

Meh. That’s what spam filters are for. My email address has been publicly viewable on the internet since 1999 and I only get ~1000 spams a month, with all but a handful (usually <5/month) getting correctly filtered.

Alternatively, they could use recaptcha or some other anti-harvesting measure that’s a bit friendlier to people with visual impairments. Text in images is not very good for people with screen-readers.

Still would like an alternative to the forum setting. I go to the forums for help, but visit the My ADS-B page frequently.
It helps with finding ppl in your region or area. With the forum you basically have to ask for everything. Be nice to just cruise through
the feed profile pages and see pics, setups, or whatever else they may want to post.