Anyway to contact nearby stations.

Ive looked up a local that is near me but getting about 100 A/C more a day and cant seem to find an email, Want to see what set up he has.

I do not think there is a way to contact (you can try looking by name in Google and social networks). I have had that very same problem. I suggest FlightAware put somekind of a persobal messaging system in order to ger in touch with other feeders. I mean a separate messaging system from the forum one.

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The only way I know how to PM a member is if they have posted a message on this discussion board.

Otherwise I believe you’re SOL.

Thats what I thought, I dont see he is ever posted

It will be very useful that FA have a service where you posted your inquiry to a specific user/site and they forward to that feeder and it will be up to him to contact you or not. No privacy issue here, FA has not divulged his contact info to you. I placed a PM to an user and it took 8 months before he checked his PM and of course promptly responded apologizing for the delay. Not everybody knows about PM.

I agree. After all it is much better help and support feeders on a neighboring basis.

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