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"claim" unable

The following is my response to FA:

(1) Thanks for contacting me on my recent loss of signal upload to site #8693 FA… it is corrected! PlanePlotter “m3” GS/MU, GS via 2 Raspy(s) + (2) R2832/ R820 sdr(s).

(2) Unable to claim site #8715 KBUU. This is my PiAware + RaspberryPi + R2832 SDR. I have it running 24/7. It has been OTA direct uploading to FA since 2015-05-21 8:38PM/ 2038 CDT. Previously entered into FA system… case #54926 but no quantitative response.

   Can you varify my claim on and efforts to, "own"  site #8715?

   Thank you again,

   Carl   "hiflyer7"  FA  "new member"

flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/claim This has worked from the beginning (never a problem). Now, Good News! I just received from FA the “fix” to claim an “unclaimed” instance. Well done FA for enabling the corrections necessary!

I now have 2 instances of stats running in real time… 1 from PP Raspy-pass-through and 1 from a dedicated Raspi, Piaware, R820/ 2838 running 24/7 on FA.


Thank You!


Please consider Case #54926 closed.