City Airports

Are there any other airports similar to BHD, LCY and YTZ that serve (using scheduled commercial airlines) major cities around the world?

Criteria runway less than 1829m/6000ft

Are you talking about just airline served airports as implied by the 3 examples you give? ( recognize YTZ and LCY but not BHD. The latter isn’t in the FlightAware database. Is it in the UK?)

Most major cities have smaller airports situated nearby. Most of these airports don’t have scheduled passenger airline service but many do have scheduled small package airlines serving them.

Would you consider KMDW as such? It has 6500 foot runways, and is commercial service. Or LGA with 7000 feet, which in my mind seems short given the level of traffic they have.


KSNA would be one I could think of. Serves Orange County/Santa Ana area. Longest runway is 5701ft. Has daily scheduled service by at least 5 different major airlines.

EDIT: KSBA would be a close second. However, it blows the criteria by 52ft. Both SKW and EGF offer service to there.


Depending on what runway they are using at the time… KBUR

KEYW. Longest (only) runway is 4801ft, and is served by 5 airlines: DAL, COA, KAP, TRS, and USA.


Yes, Belfast, Northern Ireland
See: … ty_Airport

I wasn’t clear so I will edit. I meant scheduled commercial services, Not like KOPF, KBCT or KFXE and the like

Not really, they’re a bit too long. I classify MDW and LGA with DCA.

Oh yes I forgot about KEYW. Also just up the road is KMTH

All of the above match that:

KSNA has UAL, SWA, ASA, AAL, FFT, VRD, USA, and COA all flying in.
KSBA has UAL, ASA, AAL, USA, and starting in June, FFT.


No, if I read the original posting correctly. The one thing the three airports mentioned have in common is that they are in the city they serve and each of these cities have a much bigger airport: Belfast has Belfast International, London has Heathrow and Gatwick, and Toronto has Pearson.

SNA is a maybe because while it is in a different city (and county, for that matter), it can be considered an airport for Los Angeles. Both SBA and EYW are the only airports serving those cities.

1st airport that came to my mind too. Does the 767 still land there every night?

The following airports meet the requirements by the original poster. They all have scheduled services, although they are not served by major carriers and some of the carriers are all-cargo.

VGT (North Las Vegas): longest runway 5,004 feet. Served by Ameriflight, Vision Airlines, Airnet Systems, Aero Charter and Transport

SAC (Sacramento Executive): longest runway 5,503 feet. Served by Ameriflight

SFF (Spokane Felts Field): longest runway 6,000 feet. Served by Ameriflight, TVD (anyone know who this operator is? I can’t find the decode for TVD in the FAA contractions publication and it shows as “unknown operator” in FlightAware. It looks like it a scheduled operator.)

TVD- might be a small freight company out of BFI, I can’t remember the name of the company. they also run flights out of KTTD, KPSC, KYKM, KMFR, KRDM and a few others that I can’t remember. They have a few PA-31’s and some 400 series Cessna’s

Doing some research, I found it may be AeroFlight Air Cargo Services. The website is

The route map shown matches flights I see on FlightAware. Their schedule isn’t online, though.

They operate the following aircraft:
Cessna 172 - 3
Cessna 340 - 1
Cessna 402 - 10
Cessna 421 - 1
Piper Seneca - 5
Piper Chieftan - 2
Pilatus - 12

The website has the following statement on it:
Please excuse the mess!
Estimated Completion date: 03/31/2010

I found an email address on the site. I emailed the person to confirm if TVD is AeroFlight.

Got a reply - TVD is AeroFlight.

Santos Dumont Airport (SDU/SBRJ) in Rio de Janeiro is an alternative to Rio’s international airport (GIG/SBGL). Both runways are just over 4000ft long.

KSBA isn’t particularly close to Santa Barbara.

KHXD- 4300’

Mesaba and Piedmont serve Hilton Head