Adding "Did you mean San Diego Area?"

I don’t know what it’s called, but in the flight finder when you type in airports in certain major areas, it will come up with this for Los Angeles, Chicago, etc.
How about adding one for San Diego? Maybe use “ZSD” for the flight finder.

KSAN - the ‘big’ airport
KSDM - airport of entry, lots of customs flights continuing to LA or west coast
KMYF - smaller airport, but lots of IFR activity, including Avantairs, King Airs, and the smaller EJA’s etc
KCRQ - busy for corporate/executive flights, as well as Skywest.
KSEE - A viable option for Skyhawks, GLEX’s, and everything in between.

Added, should work in about 24 hours.

It appears to be working as of right now…
Thank You!