Cheney plane undamaged in collision with bird


…just waiting for the partisan comments now…


Nice candy shop! My favorite is the caramel stuffed chocolate (the light brown stuff). If I’m in Ames, Iowa, I’ll stop by.


Well, he finally got that bird he was shooting at…


I dont get it? What candy shop?


Look at Tim’s profile.




[]American B767 ]( Multiple bird strikes on a American Airlines B767 at 12000 feet, departing Paris.


[ ]F-16 video]( Here is a video of a single bird taking out an F-16!


[]Thomson B757 ]( 125 second video

[]another view ]( Aircraft on rotation, sucks in two herons into the starboard engine. Flight crew declare emergency as flames shoot out of engine.


12 second video looking out window of airliner in flight.
[ ]VIDEO](


I’ll have to stop down Tim. I’m from Fort Dodge–My brother goes to college at Iowa State. What’s the store called?