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Chemtrail tracker courtesy of FlightAware?


Some of them?
It’s the children I feel sorry for, life can’t be easy with a fool for a father.

Here are the “chemicals” generated by jet engines:
CO, NOx, HC, CO2, H2O, O2, NO, NO2, HONO, N2O, HNO3, SO2, SO3, H2SO4, HCHO, CH4, C2H2, C2H4, CH3OH, H2, H, O, OH, HO2, H2O2, Benzene, Toluene, Naphthalene, soot and sulfur. That should keep them occupied :laughing: .


And how do you REALLY know you didn’t??? :open_mouth:


Well I have always wondered what that one switch does…


Have these nuts never noticed their car making “chemtrails” on a cold morning?


C’mon Davy, you’re thinking logically again.


It’s all part of the conspiracy - our cars make fake chemtrails so that we think that the REAL chemtrails are normal. :mrgreen:


Engine nacelle ejection John.


No, I believe he was serious given his electronic history of messages pertaining to this matter.

People believe in organized religion, and even kill those who don’t share their beliefs. Now THAT’S sad.


I leave a “Chemtrail” every time its ISO -10…

PLEASE for the love of humanity think about the physics involved when you burn jet fuel at 800c then expel the exhaust into air that is -65c.

But if that makes no sense to you at all then all I can say is this-

At CAE SimuFlite in the Chemtrail class we have to take (It’s right after lunch and on the schedule right before RVSM training)

  1. the first rule of ChemTrail is we don’t talk about Chemtrails.

  2. the second rule of chemtrails is we don’t talk about chemtrails.

now can someone please post a facepalm pic. I’m too lazy to do it myself :open_mouth: :smiley:


thanks! :slight_smile:




Well, devoteddad was a lot more benign that the spammers telling us how much their ex-in-law made in y hours on the internet.
Fortunately, many of us are easily amused.


I once made $ Eleventy Four Hundred Ba-Jillion dollars for clicking on a link… :unamused:


There is a point where you just cannot keep anything quiet and the truth eventually seeps out. Like nuclear weapons in the '50s. To think that a government program that has been around 80 years could be kept secret is patently ridiculous, You have way too much faith in the competence of government. Planes have created contrails since WW II.


LOL, I would start pointing a wand at Flights :smiley:

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Even Dilbert is in on the ‘chem trail’ action.


The Flat Earth Society has members all around the globe. Me think they assist the chemtrail okes.

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Did you mean it to be that funny? (I hope so!)

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