Changing NooElec Dongle

I realize how stupid this question must be - but I’ll ask it anyway.

I have a new NooElec dongle to replace the present one connected to my PI.
Is there anything special to know about swapping them and not messing my FlightAware feed?
Just pull the old and insert the new or does everything need to be powered down first?

I’m an IT guy but the PI is new to me and I’m not sure if USB swaps are the same.

Thanks for helping a newbie.


If you are using dump1090-mutability fork then you should be able to hot swap the dongles. Other versions don’t handle it very gracefully, so it’s best to stop service while swapping the dongle. If you have the dongle connected directly to the Pi, you might find that the current spike when plugging it in resets the pi anyway.

I tried the hot swap but your guess was right. It hung up so I recycled power and the new one is up and running.


If you tune the gain on your dongle, you may need to check the value on the new one. If you are using the default, never mind. :slight_smile:

To be honest I didn’t even know I could tune it :unamused: