How to set up the FA Dongle?

There’s a few of us that feed FA just to be useful and really don’t know much about how everything works. That’s me.
I have a Nooelec dongle plugged into a PI2 and it works great. I just put everything together, ran some scripts I found on the website and magic happened.

My FA dongle is due next week. What do I do then? Can I just pull out the NooElec and swap in the FA dongle?
I know I have to remove my amp and move the FA filter to the input of the new dongle. Can I drop my DC filters?

Do I need to run anything to make it all work?

Thanks for the hand-holding.

Nope, you’ll likely just be able to swap them out. The NooElec has a MCX connector and the FA dongle has a SMA so you might need a coupler but if you already have a FA filter you’re already using SMA somewhere along the way.

According to david.baker ( , you don’t need the DC blocker/filter.

No new s/w is involved so that’s probably it. Good luck!

Thank you!