CFI Questions


I was thinking about getting my CFI license and had a few of questions maybe someone out there could answer.

How many written tests are there that you have to take?I am thinking about single/multi and instrument.

I have noticed these test preps you can get online, can you get these and study them and just go take the written tests, or does a CFI have to sign you off to take the written tests?

And one more question, has anyone been to these schools that can do the CFI/CFII single/multi in 14 days?If so, how was it?I was thinking this route and you just have to have all the written exams done before you go.

Thanks for any help,


If you want to get your CFI/CFII/MEI, then you have to take a total of three written exams. Flight Instructor, Fundamentals of Instructing, and Instrument instructor. The only one you need an endorsement for is the FOI (61.183). You will not need to take a written test for the MEI as it is just an added class rating (61.63).


You don’t need any endorsements for the written tests. 61.183 requires an endorsement for the practical exam on the fundamentals of instruction. I recently took the FOI and didn’t have an endorsement.


You also don’t need to take the FOI test if you’re already a licensed teacher.

I’ve used the Gleim test prep software as well as the requistite red-covered books. Both are very complete, as long as you can self-study. Almost every other CFI I’ve talked to said the FOI was ridiculously easy but I hated it.
I know people who did the ATP (the company, ) route for the CFI/CFII/MEI. The programs are quite intense. I’m very wary of these programs though, you can read my thoughts on that at this thread.
Good luck, you won’t regret getting your CFI. It’s very rewarding, especially if you can do it part time. I liked instructing, but as a full-time job it loses its luster very quickly. I always loved taking people up for the first time, their first solo, their first cross country, and finally getting their license (ahem, “Certificate”…stupid blitzer). I’m never going to let my CFI expire (its a bitch if you do) just in case I want to exercise the privilages again sometime. It’d be fun to be an old part-time CFI after being a pilot for a lifetime and accumulating tens of thousands of hours.


Thanks for the replies.