Poll: What licenses and ratings do you have?

Choose one.

FA’s members:

43% No pilot certificate
15% ATP
14% Commercial
11% Private/IFR
10% Private
4% Student

ICAO licences count, right? i also have the faa licences :laughing: !!


No options for mechanics? I have my Airframe certificate.


  • type ratings

we’re assuming that all commericals have IFR’s right?

I can’t imagine an Commerical without IFR but it is possible . . .

It’s a safe assumption we made and any error is lost in the rounding.

Funny how years ago, you didn’t have to be instrument rated to have an unlimited commercial. (guess I’m one of the old ones to know that)

You could also teach a multiengine airplane without a multi CFI because there wasn’t one…right Orville?

I have every one except the last 3