What pilot certificate do you hold?


OK I’m board. So here’s my second ever poll (I hate these things). What level of pilot certificate do you hold:

I’ll start. ATP w/a type


Student :cry:

I will finish one day! :smiley:


got my student at North Dakota’s flight school, but dont have time to finish right now. sucks, cause i want my private. ive been flying for about 5 years but basically nothing to show for it, except flight time in a Stinson SR-10 Reliant, a DC-3, an AC-47, and 2 T-6s, plus various pipers and cessnas over the years. just not often enough to remain greatly profficient to go test for my license.


Ahem… You’re BORED!

And it’s “Wish I had any of them”.

What’s the value of ~40YO non-current ratings? The one I wish I had been able to complete and maintain is for gliding. I joined a USA sponsored soaring club while I was recuperating in the EU, but my landings were an excursion into adventures only sought by adrenaline junkies.

My loving wife purchased a glider ride for me one Xmas, but when we arrived at the field the aircraft was of a less than adequate size for me and the pilot. So I sent him up with my younger daughter and cfijames instead and the smiles on their faces when they landed were the best Xmas gifts of all.


I made the exact same poll back in April.
But my answer is different now than it was then. I have the ATP now.


…my first ride in a glider… my first ride in an aircraft that was not an airliner… my first time experiencing the thrill of flight, and what sparked my interest in aviation. THANKS DAD!


I figured it was there somewhere. And tell your dad that I’m board when on a message board. Bad pun.


No, thank you!

IIRC, you were 11 for the flight and 12 that summer when you went to Flying Camp at N14. John made an exception for you as you were underage.


I’m instrument rated and workin on my commercial. Probably won’t have it till late fall because I’m trying to get an internship over the summer.


Single engine, mulit or both? I only ask since you regularly fly the Pilatus…




My pilot friend’s flying is a family affair as well. It’s really nice to see fathers and sons and brothers all flying, not to make the other proud, but because they really love it. I think the passion for aviation really can be genetic.


To quote the certificate itself:

Airline Transport Pilot
Airplane Multiengine Land
Commercial Privileges Airplane Single Engine Land.


Flight Instructor
Airplane Single and Multiengine Instrument Airplane
Valid only when accomanied by pilot certificate No. yadda yadda:-)


I have a commercial, single and multi engine land,Helicopter.
All useless now since I lost my medical last sept.
I also have an A&P ticket with an Inspection Authorization, so at least I can work on them.
I am 74 and was active up until sept, about 15 hours/ week.
I guess all good things have to come to an end!


ATP w/ KingAir 350, Citation V, and Beechjet types

oh, and I paid $25 and they made me an internationall recognized radio operator!!!


ATP with about half a dozen types.
Good point about the radio permit, it is still required if you fly outside the US or use a long range radio (HF). I’m surprised at how may pilots I run into who don’t have one. I guess when the FCC dropped the requirement years ago a lot of CFIs didn’t get the word that it was only dropped for domestic US operations.


They used to be free. I got mine when I used to be a DJ.


I got mine, for free, when I was still sailing.


ATP AMEL with 4 Turbojet type ratings. 1 Experimental authorization


Do you still “hold” the AGI and IGI instructor ratings? I never really understood getting those, unless you got the ground instructor ratings before earning the associated flight instructor ratings. Are the ground ratings replaced when you get the CFI and CFII? I’m trying to think of a reason why it might be a good idea to hold the ground ratings too… do they not expire every 2 years like the CFI does? Medical certification is a non-issue…you can still give ground instruction on a CFI rating without a medical.