Weekend ground schools for FAA writtens?


I was just curious if anyone has attended any of these. I am getting ready to take my FII and was thinking of taking one for it. It has been about 11 yrs since I got my instrument rating, and I thought it may help refresh some of the things not used everyday. Just wondering if anyone has had any experiences with them.


I did the ATP written prep with…uh…ATP. It was worth it to pass the written, but i didn’t learn anything.
I know of some people who did the weekend course (are you looking at American Flyers?) and it worked well.


Yes, I am looking at American Flyers. They do not have a class for the FII until next month, but I was just thinking of doing the Instrument next weekend.Its 3 days instead of 2, but I figure it will do just as good. I just decided not long ago to get my CFI, and its just alot of things that I have not used in the flying I have been doing (just been flying for pleasure the last 12 years)since I got my instrument that has slipped my mind.


I took a weekend class here at RVS. The two instructors made it very easy to understand (even the stupid E6B parts). Took the test three weeks later, got a 100%. I get my picture on their “wall of fame” (I feel so cool for that…uh, yeah). Anyway, good expereince except for the one guy who was clueless and was getting his chopper pilot stuff. Had delusional thought of building a landing pad on his building, which is about on block from a residential area. Just wanted to add it, no additional support for the building or anything. He wasn’t happy when we busted out the city zoning codes and he realized that he couldn’t do it. Started bitching about “well, this is just a waste of time, and I wasted my money buying the helicopter”.


Taking the instrument class instead of the double I test will be just as good, if not better. Especially if you haven’t done much IFR flying since you got the instrument.
All those aspiring pilots listen up. If you take your instrument written, and plan on continuing your training all the way to CFII, take the instrument instructor written at the same time. It’s the same test, and the written results are good for 2 years, so you won’t have to re-study when your getting the double I.


I’m sorry. Did you say something?


you can be ready for that test in 4 hours if you can read quick :astonished:


Worst written of all? Instrument Ground Instructor (for me anyway).
Easiest? Fundamentals of Instruction, a no brainer.


Why did you take the instrument ground instructor anyway? That’s just another written test to pay for. Getting the rating gives you ground instructor privilages too.
The FOI was my least favorite. It has nothing to do with aviation, and therefore I sucked at it.


At the time I wasn’t planning on pursuing a flight instructors rating. Never did in fact, but I did earn a lot of free instruction towards my own instrument rating teaching ground school. Since then I’ve only added an Avionics Repairman certificate.