Faa-ppl king-jeppesen or sportys?


I’m also going for my FAA-PPL, what do you guys found the best choice ? The set’s of King schools, Jeppesen or Sportys ? Is it true that there are a few hundreds questions and that you can buy them so learn the questions ? Do you need to get your FAA medical before you can do the theorethical test ?

did you used other study material ?


If you just want to pass the written test, buy a Gleim. It has the exact questions and answers.

You don’t need a medical to take the written, but you will need an endorsement from a CFI stating that you have the required knowledge to pass the test. You must also be able to show proof of identity and age.

No you don’t need the medical to take the test, only before you solo do you need the medical.

You can take the written test anytime and believe you have to get a written endorsement from your CFI to take the written test. I am not a CFI, so you may want to verify with your CFI this information.

Personally, I’d suggest get the medical out of the way before taking the test. Paying for and passing the test won’t do any good if you don’t pass the medical.

Don’t know about Sportys or any other training lessons, can’t help you there. :slight_smile:


Actually, for what you say, I wouldn’t even buy any of the training products “just to pass the test” when it’s free online at

faa.gov/education_research/t … questions/

There are a bazillion of these sites.


Great, i already have a medical attest number 2 for the JAR-FCL, i guess i’m pritty ok to get a FAA medical 2 :slight_smile:

We lowly ground instructors can sign you off too!


Thanks for these sites!!! I have an FAA rated practical examinator here in my country in Europe, can he sign me off to do the theoretical exam in le bourget Paris ?

Also, these questions on the faa.gov/education_research/t … questions/ site ? Are they the same questions as on the written test ? Or are they just questions that ‘look alike’ ?

One would think so, but you probably would be best to give him a call. Does rgl.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guida … enDocument help any?

I just wonder if there is a need for you to take the FAA test if you are already currently a pilot?

These come directly from the FAA, so I would suspect they are the actual questions. It’s been 7 years since I took the test, but they sure look familiar.


Thanks for your help, yes you can indeed ask them to piggyback your FAR-FCL licence but due to the current regulation changes in europe, i wan’t to have a clear FAA PPL and eventually FAA IR, that way i have nothing to do with the JAR-FCL part…in Europe they are making the life of the GA very tough… they sort of wan’t to get rid of it…

What kinda changes are forthcoming?

Also, realizing you are just delving into this yourself, what differences have you encountered thus for for “licensing requirements”.

Is your system harder, more indepth, more time required? I realize its waaaaay more expensive then stateside just in fuel cost and “user fees”.


Oh goody, the system in Europe is just made for commercial flights, they don’t wan’t to have private pilot’s in their airspace, that’s crystal clear!!!

The big difference is that my feeling in the US, they just wan’t you to succeed to be a good pilot and know the rules. In EU they wan’t you to fail on your test, so the tests in europe are more based on very very tricky questions, they ask you a question, they give you 3 answers, all 3 of them are correct but the correct one for them is the one that is ‘most’ correct compared what words are or are not in the question itself. It has nothing to do with aviation anymore.

Also, when i for example do touch and goes at my airport i get a special training fee, but that still means when i’m doing like 5 T&G’s i have to pay the landing fee’s that are around 80 USDOLLAR… so thats the ‘special discount’ rate of 16 USDOLLAR / T&G… 100LL is almost topping 10 USD/US Gallon over here…and lot’s of airports don’t have 100LL anymore, i really hope that Thielert 2.0 is something that actually works (i doubt it highly tough)

But hey ,what tha hell, i just called and made a reservation for my test the 24’th januari, let’s hope that works well with the questions databases from above!!

That’s too bad, and I kinda figured that by all the user fees I have read being imposed.

Fuel over your way is much higher anyway, and based on my knowledge, your fuel cost “relatively speaking” looks about the same.

By this, I mean if I got this right, your car fuel costs (petro?) run about $7 a gallon and what you say for Av gas is about $10 a gallon. Here, fuel is much lower in both categories. Using where I live since gas prices vary sooo much here, where I live the average based on my experiences, gas price for cars is $3.00 and the average fuel cost for my plane is $4.50 If I was to bump the cost of fuel to your levels, I’d suspect the ratio is pretty close to what you are paying and it’s not just aviation bearing the brunt of fuel costs???

As you will see from the FAA bank of questions, I found that with the answers, one answer is way off base and you can exclude that from being the right answer and the other two answers “are close” with usually a change of a word from AND to OR or something close to that effect. Like you said, it’s designed somewhat for reading in detail.

Makes me appreciate that I “only” have to pay a $75 landing fee into KBWI. Cost sure is relative to where one sits… What about smaller airports, are they even available? To save paying that cost, I went into a smaller airport that didn’t charge any fees as long as I got gas.

Are you taking the instrument rating test or the VFR test? Don’t be shy on asking a question on a question of the test. As you can see, you have a HUGE wealth of resources here to tap into.


There are also several companies who make test preparation books, like these

sportys.com/acb/showdetl.cfm … &CATID=180

sportys.com/acb/showdetl.cfm … ct_ID=6819

They give you questions, answers and explanations of the answers. I’ve found that you don’t need anything more to just pass the test. The videos will help you to learn more to be a better pilot.

Agree, and even like driving a car, while we need to know the “laws of the road”, the written tests really doesn’t do squat when the “rubber meets the road”.

At least the videos demonstrate the practical and real world of flying where the written test just doesn’t do that.

Only thing I see the written good for is making a “go, no go” decision, it doesn’t do anything to help you pilot a plane any better.


No panic guys, i’m already a pilot, i just wan’t to get the JAA-PPL and the JAA-IR …

Regarding Sternone’s comments about European written exams: I have a very good friend who is an FAA rated helicopter pilot and was converting to UK license. He was Commercial, instrument, and a CFI. To convert he had to take over 20 written exams, including GREAT CIRCLE navigation! To fly a helicopter that has 180nm range! Obviously, the European authorities aren’t interested in making it easy.

Even sportys has a free section for FAA tests, it looks just like the real deal: