private pilot ground school course

It’s been 44 years since I have taken my private pilot’s test and was wondering what dvd private pilot’s course you would recommend for my 57 year old wife?
Seems like the two main companies are King and Sporty’s… any others you would suggest?

I think they both offer samples online. I’d have her watch them and see what she prefers. She might bond with Martha King. You might also check out Gleim’s products.

Sporty’s vs King discussed HERE.
I used the Sporty’s for my Private training and passed (forget what my written score was). I also got the Sporty’s Instrument course and have had that for a year or so. As discussed in the previous thread, I have to agree that the Sporty’s courses are pretty dry and boring. Maybe if I’d gotten the King course I’d already have the instrument written out of the way…

What about taking an IN class ground school to prep for the test. Check with your local FBO or any flight school in your area, That would put her in the seat, working with others and an instructor present.
Thats my personal oppinion, because i dont do the at home study things very well, in college i never took any online classes because i knew i wouldnt do well.

But if you are purely looking for at home study i do find that Gliems helps me the best, there books are written and laid out very well. It gives the the pure plain and simple “this is what it is” and “This is what you need to know about it” attitude

Does the Gleim have the entire “ground school” as does the King and Sporty’s?

The Gleim approach is “test prep”, preparing one to pass a written test through memorization/knowledge transfer. Actually learning the practical concepts is best presented by other media and instruction.

Thanks to all who replied. I think I am leaning toward the King video set as I would like her to really learn rather than just memorize test question answers.
I would rather she actually attend an actual ground school course but as a nurse she has some unusual hours and they are not always regimented.

Or outstanding instructors such as yourself :wink: Can’t beat human interaction as displayed recently in you showing me a new maneuver. I have yet to meet a video responsive to my on the spot questions.

While I LOVE high techy stuff, nothing beats a well qualified CFI especially if they have outstanding teaching skills to supplement the stick and rudder.

Save the eye candy to supplement the CFI, not the other way around.

you can view them both using torrent, but im sure you already knew that.

Martha King- what a babe

Have to say that I’m a new student and enrolled in Gleim’s online ground school (also because of my busy schedule). I found it to be well done though I have watched a couple of Sporty’s and King DVDs as part of my training and they are also good.

Gleim’s complete package includes the test prep software and online classroom. The way they offer the material and then the testing encourages repeated interaction with the material so that you do learn it. I started in June and took my written a couple of weeks ago (passed with an 88%).

I do have the benefit of a great CFI whom I’m working with (solo was 7/31!) and he was available throughout to help explain anything I got stuck on, which you can certainly do for your wife. I would say if she buys the complete class, you get a lot for the $$, including test prep materials and in-depth manuals, the FAR/AIM book, audio CDs to reinforce what she’s learning, etc., and a great flight bag.

Hope this helps!

P.S. I’m a 40-something female. :slight_smile:

CONGRATS on your recent solo! Don’t lose that CFI, their experience and dedication are priceless.

you have issues…its ok…everybody has fetishes. LOL.

ummm the martha king i see on the king schools videos isnt hot at all. maybe her daughter is cute but she isnt.
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I did mine through the cessna pilot centers take home package, which im almost certain is a king schools series that is re-branded. The interactive DVD’s are nice, and Rob Machado is a badass!