Cessna 421 CRASH Demopolis Ala, seven fatalities

A family of seven flying from St. Louis to Destin FL were killed last night when their Cessna 421 encountered engine problems. Five young children among the victims :cry:


wsfa.com/story/15055763/7-co … lane-crash

classg.com/multi-engine-airp … 421C/10574

UPDATE The identies of the victims have been released:

“Eatmon identified the dead as: Fred Teutenberg, 42; his wife, Terresa, who was in her mid-30s; their daughter Emma, 2; their son Peyton, 4; their daughter Ellie, 6; their son Brendon, 9; and their son Will, 10. They are from the Destin area.”


Read more: timesunion.com/news/article/ … z1RlSqxber

What I don’t understand is why all the news reports say he was diverting to Demopolis to attempt an emergency landing. Why go to Demopolis when Meridian is not too far away? If you look at the track log for N692TT, the last radar hit was at 17,400 at the exact lat longs where the wreckage was found, about 2 miles north of the airport. How do you lose 17,000 feet without moving laterally? I would have to guess a spin. Vmc roll into inverted flat spin? It will be interesting to see the NTSB report and hear the ATC tapes. Tragic accident.

It is way too early to speculate what the causes might be

Personally I think it’s the perfect time for speculating. Much harder to speculate when all the facts are in.

yes, always speculate early and as wildly as possible without any facts so that you can get it completely wrong

Isn’t assuming that a given speculation is “completely wrong” itself speculative?

no. wishing something to be true doesn’t make it true either

Were there any known icing in the area? Possible heart complications?