Cathay Pacific Montage

Tonight, I was cuddled up next to this really blonde… :wink: We were watching Couple’s Retreat together, when one of the pieces of the movie’s music started playing. I’m going to date myself here…and I was pretty young then…but, I remember when this song was used by ABC as their theme song for PGA golf broadcasts.

So…knowing that Google is my friend, I discover that it’s “Love’s Theme” by Barry White. All this time I did not know that. But I always liked the music, even from when I first heard it as a kid. I also learned that Cathay Pacific used the song in its commercials, and even in its airline boarding/disembarkation audio. As Google was enlightening me, I found THIS.


I have a sudden strong urge to light the fireplace, dig the bearskin rug out of the attic, pop a bottle of the bubbly, put on SNF and give Marcia Brady a call. Thanks AZ.

Reminds me of a story a friend of mine still fondly tells. When he was in high school he pumped gas at a station near Pismo Beach. Maureen McCormick and two of her girlfriends stopped by for gas on the way back to LA. They were still wearing rather skimpy beach wear, his one liner: “finely tanned t*%%s.”

Those shots of Kai Tak bring back memories of some extraordinary R&Rs in Hong Kong, thanks Mark.

Don’t forget the Fondue

And the lava lamp…

Great video! I like 1:18. :wink: