Cape Air


Hey guys,

  I really like the site. There has been a bug on here for quite some time. Cape Air, the Hyannis, Massachusetts based airline which flies all over New England operates a fleet of Cessna 402s. When I look up Logan airport for example it constantly says that the aircraft are Cessna 182s, which I am positive is wrong. Just wanted to bring this to your attention. Thanks.



It’s showing C402 now. At least, it is for most of them. Several have a blank for the aircraft type.


The bug is still occurring on “Scheduled Departures” section. Once the aircraft departs though the type is changed to a C402.


I suspect that this is because it is pulling the future schedules from the OAG where the aircraft is listed as just “CNA” for Cessna and this is defaulting to C182. This doesn’t work well for scheduled Cessna 208 operators either: