Can't locate some airports


I can’t look up any flights at W00 or W29 (there might be others). They both come back with invalid/unknown… I tried looking for a bug on this already, but I couldn’t find one. Am I doing something wrong?


You’re not doing anything wrong, it’s a bug in FlightAware. :blush:

Our list of airport codes/names/locations is incomplete; many small airports (like W00 and W29) are missing some information, so they come back as invalid. We’re still receiving tracking data for flights into and out of them, but we just can’t display it at the moment. We’re working on getting a more complete list, and when we do you’ll be able to see the history for those airports.

The relevant bug for this is #88.


Excellent, thanks very much for the quick response.


Ah…this must explain why KLPN Lorain County Regional is missing from the Cleveland area.



We’ve got that one as KLPR. The only ones we’re sometimes short on are generally the ones with numbers in them or without an ICAO code.


Doh!! Minor brain malfunction there!! :blush: LOL That would explain a lot!

Have a good day.