Can't load 3.5.3 on pi b+ plus


is there a 64 bit version of this software?


It is not related to 32 or 64 bit. the piaware image is based on a an older version of Debian that does not support the new cpu. I found the link I vaguely remembered when replying in the other thread.


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Put the image in an RPI3 or below.
do a sudo apt-get update then an apt-get upgrade and reboot.
You may need to do an apt-get dist-upgrade or sudo rpi-update
check the /boot dir for a 3B+ boot image. Once it is there, the sd card can be used in a 3B+.


I loaded raspbian stretch and did the package installation and rebooted but cannot find the piaware-config.txt to edit. What am I missing?


The file piaware-config.txt exists only in Piaware SD card image.

Raspbian image, with package install of piaware+dump1090-fa, does not have it. You have to use file /etc/piaware.conf .

In package install, for editing dump1090-fa related parameters such as gain , you have to edit file /etc/default/dump1090-fa

Missing /etc/piaware.conf