can't find scheduled flight

DL1139 (Delta Airlines, Inc) is a flight from RSW to ATL scheduled to leave RSW (Fort Myers) at 13:08 EST. The only DL1139 I can find is an ATL-PHX route. When I check ATL and RSW own websites, the correct flight is there. The Delta website also shows the flight.
Am I missing something? I know DL is in bankrupcy, but the flight should still be there :slight_smile:

Try again - it’s there.

Though you didn’t do it, for the convenience of others, here’s the direct link:

replying to myself:
I did find the flight now. somehow the data was missing.
apologies to all.

thanks, but that only shows the flight between ATL and PHX which arrived in phoenix 16 hours ago… not the flight that is leaving RSW now. … ation=KATL

sorry, just now I saw the 3 lines at the bottom (which were hidden by my screen size)
Thank you damiross.
I feel so dumb now :slight_smile:

Give the friggin’ aircraft a chance to take off! It’s now 13:13 EST - the aircraft is scheduled for 13:08. Given the normal delay between real-life and FlightAware plus any possible delays by the airline, you shouldn’t expect to see the aircraft inflight yet.

I noticed you just started posting. Have you bothered to read the Questions/Answers or other postings? You’ll see that the data in FlightAware is NOT - repeat, NOT - live.

It shows today’s flight; it simply shows it as being Scheduled since it has yet to take off (Look below the map atop the chart.). Also, don’t forget the 6 minute delay or so from the actual takeoff until FA posts the data.

Here’s the flight history.

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