Delta 9995 and 9996 (ATL-BHM not!)


I went to have my taxes done, and on the way back, I did a little planespotting. Upon my return back here, I checked BHM on flightaware to see what came in. I was surprised to find DAL9995 and DAL9996 which had filed flight plans coming into Birmingham, both flights using 767-200 aircraft.

9995 was supposed to come into BHM around 11am CT. 9996 was supposed to leave ATL around 12pm CT. Thinking that Delta was bringing a 767-200 to BHM, I headed to BHM to see if I could spot it. I stayed there an hour, and came back here around 2:30 PM.

I was surprised to find 9996 circling Atlanta around 2:30 PM CT. had even listed the flights as going to Birmingham. You guys at Flightaware had listed them as going to Birmingham. If 9996 had flown to Birmingham, like it was supposed to, I would have gotten to see it.

Why were they listed as going to Birmingham, if they had no intention of going to Birmingham?


wow that sucks i bet that made the day bad for you it would for me that really sucks