Flight gone, or not?


Booked a flight, Delta 1068, traveling from ATL to RSW on Christmas Day. A week later I got an email moving me to a later flight. When I picked our seats the flight was pretty full. When I look on FlightTrack Pro, the flight is still there.

Called Delta, the agent would only say that the flight “was no longer there”. Seems odd, canceling an almost-full flight three months in advance.

Any way to find out what is going on? Would it be listed somewhere, FAA maybe?



Future airline schedules are the domain of the airline only. The FAA has nothing to do with them.

Also, full doesn’t mean profitable.


The current schedule shows it operating on that day.

I’d follow standard flyertalk procedure and call back until you get what you want.


mduell, what “schedule” are you looking at?

FlyZed, which uses Amadeus GDS schedule and availability shows 3 DL ATL-RSW on Dec 25:

DL1458 @ 10:55 M88
DL2206 @ 15:00 M88
DL746 @ 19:10 757

All 3 showing very little availability.


An SSIM from 4 weeks ago… so it may have changed by now.