[BUG] Flight cancelled appears as done : DL0083 11Feb15



Flight Delta Airlines DL0083 from Paris CDG to Atlanta on Feb 11 15 is shown as done (in 4 hours and 47 minutes !) but in fact it has been cancelled.
The status on this page is wrong : fr.flightaware.com/live/flight/D … /LFPG/KATL

History of this flight shows that it is normally done in 9h30 or 10h00 of flight :

Actually the flight has been cancelled due to a technical problem (motor engine), the flight couldn’t be done, and the aircraft has been repaired in CDG Airport.
The next day, Feb 12 15, flight couldn’t be done either because the reparation was not enough.
You can check in the history that this flight hasn’t been done on Feb 12 or Feb 13 either, it had to wait Feb 14 before the aircraft could fly.

If requested by Flightaware moderator, I am able to post a printscreen of the Delta customer service saying the flight has been cancelled.
You can also easily guess there was a problem since it’s impossible to fly a plane in 4h45 from Paris to Atlanta when it normally takes twice this time.
Unless passengers flew with a Concorde on this special day, which didn’t happen of course :wink:

This bug should be corrected as it seems Delta Airlines has sent wrong information to your database.